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I actually bought a car I log in some time later And the car is locked Ripoff

Good game

On point

Casual + competitive

You can play casually with the simple controls and easy gameplay but you can also play online and other modes that turn it into a more challenging game. Ads play after every “round” you play but you can skip I would give 5 but I feel like the every time you finish anything an ad plays is pretty annoying but you get used to it over all fun if you’re just looking for a car dodging racing game

Very fun but hard

This game is very fun! I have played many mobile racing games! I have rated the new Asphalt game (9 Legends) and I gave it a pretty okay review. This game is very fun especially the traffic part of it! But some of the missions are very hard. But I do like how it tells you that it is hard and it tells you how you can overcome the mission. So in conclusion, this game is very fun but sometimes hard.

Good but too many ads

The game is cool and all but there’s a 30 second ad after each race and each race lasts like 30 seconds so you’re mainly just watching ads ..

This game is awesome

I love how clear the graphics are.


Super fun but is broken. U can’t advance pass level 6 in career because there is only one way to earn cash and u need cash to earn it. Great game needs work. All missions should allow “try anyway” despite power level.

Too many ads

The game is pretty cool to play and the controls are smooth but there's too many ads and that kills a game and the reputation of a game. If it didn't have so much ads then it would be a good game to play but like many other games you gotta pay to remove the ads

Seems fun

Just got this game and the racing part of it is great. The only problem is that it is in RUSSIAN!

Fix the daily event

I like this game it’s good but the daily event bug gets on my nerves so much like i get a notification that the daily event is ready but when i press on the play button nothing happens at all so please fix it

Loads slow and requires internet connection

I turn off my data and WiFi on every game to get a good experience, unfortunately they require internet connection as soon as you try to load the game and if there’s none it stops the loading bar and does nothing. Further more once I turned my WiFi back on it filled the loading bar fine but then went to a buffer wheel and never came back, closing the app and restarting did nothing simply won’t load. Too bad it looked fun.

Very annoying

I’ve paid for things and it hasn’t unlocked or updated the balances. If I tap App Support or try to contact the Developer it does nothing.

Way to many ads

The game play is great. The graphics are good. But I really need an ad every time I play a round


Great fun distracter!

Un estiercolero...

Es una basura esta chanchada del infierno.


Bad game

Me gusta el juego


Traffic tour

Good time passer


This game is just absolute trash

we need Chinese

and fix with iPhone X


Plz add Chinese language asap.

we need chinese thx

we need chinese thx



please add Chinese

The game has Chinese,but app don't.So……think about it!




This game is taking my money reimbursed me my points please.


Game freezes on loading screen. If you’re going to make people watch ads AND demand money, spend that money to fix these bugs.

Missing coins

Great game but sometimes after winning s race it does not give you the proper amount of coins, very frustrating. Also sometimes it kicks you out of races and you lose coins.

Traffic tour

Hi guys I’m tom this game is totally sweet a great time killer and a great racer great job guys.


Its a great game. No complaints whatsoever. To be able to get rewarded for watching ads is the way to go. My only request is that you guys make more games!!!

Fun, but (I think every headline says this)

Very fun game. I’m a huge fan of traffic racing games. This game doesn’t have overwhelming graphics, but it moves so smoothly you NEVER have some strange lag messing you up. The progression is a little weird, but the usual stuff, you know? And ads are.... well, how ads are. All these games are riddled with them - the 30 sec ads. My BUT is not about the ads, actually. It’s about how short everything feels in the main campaign mode, and how much interruption there is. In fact, it is THIS precisely which makes the ads so bad. I’m generally really good at these games, so in an endurance level, it would be some time before I got any ads, but with a level lasting only 15 seconds.... and then two 15 second ads; then another 15 second level with two more 15 sec ads. I just can’t. Sorry guys.

Good Game But

انها لعبة جيده وممتعه حقا


Why is not in English? I Don’t speak Italian! I deleted in two seconds! 😭😭😭😭

Paying to remove ads not working for me

I paid $1.99 to remove ads but I still get ads frequently. I tried restore purchases and u still get the ads. What gives? Isn't paying to remove ads supposed to get rid ALL add? Please fix as the ads spoil an otherwise very enjoyable game.


Can’t advance unless you pay. Don’t waste your time.

Good game

Nice game for chill


This game is awesome

Good but flawed

Good game. Fun. But it will only let you go so far in career and multiplayer racing until it forces you to buy a new car. This then leaves you with only daily challenges and the endless challenge, which gives very small amounts of money vs time. If you like pay to play tho it's actually really cheap for what you can get vs what I've seen in other games

Grate game

It’s on of the best I’ve played. It makes u make real fast decisions and then u have to react to wat u set in Motion


Best game hands down

Too Many Ads

Would be a decent game if not for all the ads I understand having ads but every time after completing a mission is ridiculous. Fix it to where it’s every two or three and I’ll come back.

Súper divertido

Lastima los putos anuncios son muchos anuncios para un juego ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fun, but

Would give it higher but too many glitches, game crashes after races quite often, and I’m not able to do the daily event races. However, great concept. Would be awesome to add a slow-motion feature for last second weaving.


Ads kill the game flow.




Ads ads ads ads ....

Can’t play vs mode in real-time

I wanted to play multiplayer with my girlfriend and we linked up through facebook. After showing busy with a red dot it turned to challenge but nothing happens when I tap on it. Does anyone know how to fix this. Also, the UI is a bit confusing and too busy


Lost all my Blue prints done with this game

Good but not

TODAY I WAS RACING A GUY SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN ME AND I WAS BEATING HIM AND BOOM ABOUT *THIS* CLOSE TO THE FINISH I HIT AN INVISIBLE FUCIN CAR!!! AND HE BEAT ME! but other than that happening on a daily basis graphics are great looks great and plays smooth

App won’t open :/

From the reviews there seems to be tons of ads BUT the game itself is actually good. I wish to see for myself but the app won’t open :/ My phone is an iPhone 8 Plus. Any help would be appreciated so I can play this game

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